Week of 9/29/2013


I've been slacking on the updates – I've succumbed to the lie that development is more important than keeping in touch with the people who support the project. When I started crowdfunding I promised myself that I wouldn't allow that lie to sink the project, and sticking to that promise was part of why the Kickstarter worked. Now that the campaign is over I'm falling back into old habits. The transformation has been taking a while – the process of coordinating the writing and asset creation demanded my attention and kept the updates flowing – but now that the team has shrunk back down to a handful of active members I've been getting socially lazy. Not lazy in general, mind you. I'm programming like a mofo. Every day a newly revamped system gets stamped as Alpha-Ready. And like most workaholics a part of me feels that this progress justifies avoiding my other responsibilities. But the better part of me knows that this is bullshit. I haven't made any major website updates or video updates…

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Week of 9/8/2013


I've spent the last two days hitting the pilgrim and daily routine stuff hard. Sort of an odd thing to be working on for the alpha, but it provides an excellent opportunity to rewrite the path code, which was even more bloated than I remembered. There's something really satisfying about whittling a 50-member monstrosity that has lived through months of trial and error and experimentation – in this case WorldPath, which had 20 properties & 32 methods – down to a sleek 8-member class. The WorldLocation classes also got an upgrade – the original PathMarker class dates back to 2011! Inheritance has been completely banished in favor of the WorldItem component system, making it so much damn easier to create new location types. (I got halfway through this process about a month ago but had to stop long enough to finish taking some gameplay videos.) Also, now that locations are simply WorldItem components I was able to nuke about two dozen data storage classes and the whole weird parallel l…

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Week of 9/1/2013


DISASTER! Well, not really. 'Disaster' is a bit dramatic. But everything's relative, and relative to how smoothly the project has been running so far this week has been a bit rough. The Bad News First off, Adi had to step away from the project due to work-related issues. He's as bummed as I am – he was well into the process of outlining the main quest's three acts before he had to call it quits. He'll probably come back later down the line to help us write the dialog but right now he's just too overwhelmed to tackle such a monstrous task. Really sorry to see him go. Meanwhile, Given and I have been having a hell of a time getting the repository synced, to the point where I've decided to simply sync the project itself and make changes to the repository on my own. All told we've wasted what, three days now? Given's taking a break this weekend so at least I've had some time to put another solution together. (Okay, this is really more just 'me bitching' than actual bad news, but I wanted t…

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