9/26/2014 – I'm not dead!


And the beta is coming, scout’s honor! I’ve been adding people to the steam dev list so they can try the beta before it launches.* Just a small handful outside of the regular bug testers. They’re helping me make some choices about what to clean up before I send it out to backers. There’s still a lot to do, a shocking amount in some areas, but more and more I’m setting things aside to be finished ‘during / after the beta’ because I want to get this damn thing out and start getting some real feedback. I’m also getting the Steam bug reporting thing going, which is far FAR superior to the forum-based bug reporting we had on the alpha. And I’m working on a new Kickstarter update. And so on.

I’ve got a devlog about modding code halfway done but I’m putting that on hold because this weekend I’m actually going to a family function. Yes, I am stepping outside of the house. Crazy, right? This is my first outing in 9 months I think (!) so hopefully I still remember how to interact with real live human beings. I guess we’ll see!

*Sorry, I’m still not announcing a release date for the beta. I know that drives y’all crazy. Hang in there.

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