11/15/2014 – Day One: *WHEW*

Well, that was a hell of a day. Let’s count off some numbers:

  • 543 keys activated
  • Average number of concurrent players: 20
  • Median play time: 3 hours 5 minutes
  • Number of builds pushed: 4
  • Number of bugs fixed: ~9
  • Number of bugs reported: ~38
  • Number of games saved / loaded (by me): 51
  • Number of pigs killed: 58
  • Number of emails answered: ~60

Overall a good day. Exhausting but good. And I think FRONTIERS held up okay. There were moments where it was creaky – there were even a handful of unfortunate on-board graphics card owners for whom it wouldn’t start up – but it held together slightly better than I’d hoped. And it’s only going to get better as more of these bugs get fixed! Here’s today’s changelog:

Added additional logging to save game process
Containers added to inventory on startup will no longer spawn items when opened
Characters no longer disappear in previously loaded buildings
Switched from SHA256CryptoServiceProvider to SHA256Managed for group hash generation
Switched to .NET 2.0 subset (grr)
Examine no longer opens / closes doors
Fixed startup history book formatting
Changed liquids to require liquid container on removed from container
Changed startup fill categories for Prologue & Act I
Added fill instructions to Canteen on examine
Changed container fill time to OnVisible instead of OnOpen by default
Inventory items can no longer be moved while popup menu is active
Made pig den smaller in prologue to avoid clipping
Fixed motile action start without live target
Creatures can be looted with remove item skill Clean Animal
Removed ‘E:Search’ from HUD on characters before death / unconsciousness
Fixed some (not all) dangly ragdoll bits on characters
Added examine message to drawbridge
Fixed DenSick exception in Creature
People should no longer disappear from Camp Reuna on load
Added FOV setting to cutscenes
Tweaked prologue cutscene intro to make text more readable
Disabled nighttime LUT temporarily
Added nighttime LUT setting to kill over-vibrant greens
Fixed bookcase colliders interfering with item placement
Recepticles only show placement options when placement mode is enabled
Added throwing
Created placement mode toggle
Added ‘Mine’ HUD item for damageable / mineable scenery
Created item placement toggle for recepticles

Wow, what is this feeling? Is that… optimism? It kind of stings.

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