The Team

FRONTIERS started as a one-man project, and it looks like it will end that way too. But immediately after the Kickstarter campaign the team was quite large! Here are the artists & writers who have contributed to the project over the course of development:

Core Team

Lars Simkins - Lead Developer / Programmer
Given Borthwick – Lead Terrain Artist
Ryan Span - Main Quest Lead Writer / Side Quest Manager
Steve Barnes – Lead Composer

Lore Writers

Adi Ashburner - Contributing Writer
Ben Friesen – Lead Lore Writer
Colleen Sawyer - City Planner / Food Expert
Daniel BishopLanguage Creator
Harrison Hall – Lead Lore Writer

Side Quest Contributors

Alan Baxter
Andrew J. McKiernan
Angela Slatter
Chris Pearson
Dan Willis
Daniel Bishop
Dyego Alehandro
Gillian Helman
Matt Rini III
Pete Kempshall
Robert Hentschke
Ryan Span

Art Contributors

Adrian Campos - 3D Artist / Animator
Dyllin Aleluia - Graphic Design
Jennifer LindFont Artist
Lauren Bamlett - 3D Artist
Vance Austin Neely - Armor System

AV / Promotion

Erik Dinnel – DOP / Director of Kickstarter videos