What are Squishies made of?


Squishies are an excellent toy. You really can’t be indifferent to them, and you simply have to love them. They are soft and pleasant to touch. Furthermore, they are a source of endless fun. You can squeeze them as much as you like, and they will always revert to their original form. That process is very satisfying to watch.

Furthermore, they exude lovely smells that evoke memories and make your day oh-so-much more pleasant. Squishies are the epitome of the kawaii culture. They come in shapes of animals, snacks and famous characters. They can help you express yourself, while simultaneously helping you relieve stress. You can squeeze them or bounce them around. The repetitive motion will help with excess energy and work wonders for your stress levels.

You can collect them, swap them with your friends, or use them as accessories. There’s nothing cuter than a squishy on a backpack or a keychain. It looks great and will provide entertainment when you’re in need of some.

However, have you ever wondered what the squishies are made out of? What material is so soft, yet so sturdy and resistant that it can endure your tireless squeezes?



Almost all squishies available today contain a material called Polyurethane or PU, in short. Polyurethane is a polymer composed of organic units joined by carbamate links. Most polyurethane types are heat resistant, so they don’t melt. The Polyurethane is known for its sturdiness and resilience.

Polyurethane was invented in 1937 by Otto Bayer, a German inventor, who quickly put it to good use. Today, it’s a popular material, and many manufacturers use it for high-resilience foam seating, surface coatings, as well as different sealants, seals and gaskets, etc. You can also find it in wheels and tires of roller coasters, escalators, and shopping carts. So, it’s safe to say that it’s a pretty popular material.

A fun fact about this material is that engineers used it in the production of airplanes during World War II. Therefore, you know it’s resilient. And, if it was safe enough for an aircraft, it will be safe enough to make your squishies durable. After World War II, manufacturers used Polyurethane mostly in the production of cars, especially in Germany.


Safety and storing

However, while the history lesson is no doubt fascinating, you might be curious about other things. Like, is this material safe? It’s a valid concern, as squishies are a favorite toy among children. Safety is the highest priority.

Polyurethane is entirely safe for human use. Although polyurethane isn’t a natural element, it’s still secure. You can use it, and you can give it to your children without any concern.

Now, while it’s true that Polyurethane is durable, you still have to make sure to store it properly. Otherwise, it might lose some of its properties.

Firstly, don’t expose your squishies to sunlight. That will make the color fade quickly. Additionally, the scent will fade. Sunshine doesn’t mix well with Polyurethane. When exposed to sun rays, this material will discolor and turn yellow. Furthermore, your squishies might lose shape and fall apart as a result. So, no direct sunlight for them!

Other than that, squishies don’t have any more flaws. They can last you a long time if you keep them in the shade.