Seven simple gestures that are psychologically proven to seduce someone

The Art of Psychology and Seduction

There are so many ways to seduce your crush or partner. However, understanding why we do those things is equally important. We’re sure you’ve read all about playing with your hair while gazing into a man’s eyes, but wouldn’t finding out what kind of effect that has on him be exciting? If you think so, we’re happy to help.


In fact, psychology explains these gestures perfectly. So, not only will you be able to use them to your advantage, but you’ll know exactly what they mean. Let’s get into it!

Request Favors From Him

Let’s talk about asking for favors first. We get it: you may be an independent woman who doesn’t need any help with her tasks. Hell, maybe you don’t even need help with seduction! But you are here, and asking for help is more than okay, so you should get used to it. Why? Because requesting favors can land you on someone’s good side and is even backed up by the psychology of seduction.


But what does asking for a favor mean? It means you’re comfortable enough with someone and don’t mind owing them one. Plus, it’s a sign of intimacy and trust. Maybe your boo won’t be aware of what you’re doing, but they’ll immediately see you in a different light.

Does this work? Yes! Think of the Ben Franklin effect. If someone has done you a favor, they’re more likely to do another. And they’ll only be doing them because they see you in a positive light.

Triggering Adrenaline Rush

One of the best seduction tips we can give you is to trigger someone’s adrenaline rush. Our bodies release adrenaline as a response to fight or flight situations. This is the rush you feel when you barely avoid accidents or face your biggest fears. On the other hand, talking to your crush can also trigger an adrenaline rush.


We’ve all heard of adrenaline junkies, but what makes this adrenaline rush special? Adrenaline is a close relative of dopamine, a hormone that makes us feel good. And who doesn’t like feeling good? So, all you need to do is trigger a wild kind of excitement in your crush. Take him on a fun date or come dangerously close. He’ll think of that extreme moment you shared for a long time, and that’s how this seduction step works.

Give Compliments

The best way to practice seducing through psychology is to start giving more compliments. First of all, you’d like to receive more kind words, right? So, why not lead by example and start complimenting your crush first? If you’re still not convinced, we’ll tell you all about the positive effects it brings.


Both men and women love receiving compliments, and that’s because they make us feel good. Not only that, but they make us want to focus more on the complimented features. For example, someone might start wearing a specific shirt more often if you compliment it. 

But, how does this work when it comes to the art of seduction? It’s simple: you’ll focus more on complimenting someone’s body parts, like muscles, eyes, lips, etc. Once you start doing that, they won’t only feel good, but they’ll remember that it was you who complimented them. 


Similarly to requesting favors, that will make them see you in a better light. In fact, it’ll probably make them think you like them, and that’s a reason enough for someone to like you back.

Cook for Him

We’ve all heard the saying: “The way to a man’s stomach is through his heart.” But how true is that? Psychology confirms that there’s more to this saying than we know. In fact, cooking can make a man feel much more than just full.


So, what’s the catch? Cooking for your man will make him feel good, but it’ll also create a special bond. Food is a basic necessity, so cooking for someone means you care about them enough to nurture them. Plus, seducing someone with food is easy! All you need to do is research which foods are aphrodisiacs. Make the kind of meal that’ll give your partner energy for what comes after, if you know what we mean.

Long Eye Contacts

Do you feel uncomfortable making eye contact with people? You’re not alone! In fact, feeling like this is more common than you think. People avoid eye contact for a lot of reasons, and many are unaware of what it actually means. However, do you find yourself being more comfortable holding eye contact the closer you are to someone? That’s because you feel safe with them.

Eye contact signifies intimacy, trust, and comfort to your partner. It can also mean you’re just really into your partner and want to get laid. It all depends on how you’re looking at them. In the art of seduction, this is a well-known and proven technique. The eyes may be the windows to your soul, but if you feel like you want to have sex, that’s the message this long gaze will deliver.

Call Him by His Name

When you’re in a relationship or really interested in someone, it’s normal to give them a pet name. Suddenly, you’ll call him all kinds of nicknames, but what about his name? People in relationships usually call each other by their names when they’re angry or arguing, but it doesn’t need to be like that. Instead, you can call his name seductively and achieve a different effect.


Calling your partner by his name usually results in them being shocked or surprised because you don’t use it often. But try saying his name in a sexy voice or while flirting. This will make him think that you like and want him for him. How come? Well, his name is one of the essential parts of his identity. Trust us when we say that this will make him feel more loved and wanted.

Let Him Talk More Often

Finally, let’s talk about the power of listening. Talking about yourself or engaging in conversation is great, but what about him? What about the things he wants to talk about? These things are often something you may not care about, but you should let him talk more regardless. What’s more, you can let him talk while maintaining long eye contact, and you’ll successfully make two gestures at once.


Why does this work? Letting him lead the conversation will make him feel you’re more interested in getting to know him. Not only that, but he’ll think you’re curious about his interests too. That may not seduce him the way you think, but it will make him see you differently. Think of this as a passive way to seduce your partner because he’ll definitely think you’re sexier because you care about him on a deeper level.